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On June 4, 2018 there was a vote in the Canadian Senate to make modifications to Canada’s cannabis legalization bill. The vote was to delete a section of the bill that allowed businesses to promote their business on promotional material such as hats, shits or other types of branded materials.

The issue is that Tobacco companies have abused marketing for years and the government wants to make sure that cannabis is not marketed to children. The industry has a different take.  Without being able to market a brand it leaves legal entities at a disadvantage to the black market.  Promotional marketing is needed to differentiate between the two.  The definition of promotional is very broad as currently written.  This leaves little options for marketing.

If the bill passes only dry cannabis and oils will be legal initially. The black market simple has more product offerings. Boulder, Colorado recently passed some stuff that defines marketing by separating each aspect in to categories to layout how they could be used beyond their intended purpose.A good example is a lighter vs a sticker.  Stickers obviously appeal to children where a lighter wouldn’t be very useful to someone who isn’t smoking.

The industry recognizes the need of branded materials in a increasingly competitive industry.  As noted in Oregon too much regulation and that done the wrong way only aids the black market which is the purpose of legalizing in most peoples mind. It’s vital to legitimizing products.