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Reason #1

Legal medical cannabis helps people with a wide array of illnesses.

One condition that doctors are trying to conduct real medical studies on to determine what the proper dosage should be is Veterans using it for PTSD. Some interesting information from CNN about 10 diseases that will be impacted the most.

Reason #2

Marijuana Criminal laws dis appropriately affect the poor and minorities.

Reason #3

Marijuana is Safer than Alcohol and Tobacco

Reason #4

It’s safer for users to buy from a dispensary than an illegal dealer

Reason #5

Prohibition just helps fund crime and street gangs.

actually it funds the cartels and even terrorists networks.  most Muslim terrorists have no moral issue with Cannabis because its just not a drug of sin.  so they cultivate it and grow it and sell it to fund their extremist activities.  The violent cartels of Latin America make most of their money from Marijuana.  Legalizing Marijuana will put a big dent into their revenue and power. Overall crime drops when legalization happens.  Studies show conclusive evidence of lower crime in states like Colorado and Seattle after they legalize recreational use. It’s simple if you take revenue out of the hands of criminals you limit their ability to diversify into other criminal enterprises.

Reason #6

Tax revenue from legalized cannabis can fund healthcare and education

Reason #7

Cannabis is projected to create 250,000 jobs by 2020.

It’s great for the economy.  More people have jobs that are steady and well paying this increases money supply throughout the economy allowing a host of other business to succeed.